"The Supernatural Team Singapore" Paranormal Evidence Season premier "Lady In White"

We are TST (The Supernatural Team)

Humbly produced and presented to you by "The Supernatural Team Production"

The long awaited NEW series is finally here! We are the supernatural team and base in Singapore, we travel around the world to investigate locations that are reported to be haunted.

In this episode, TST traveled to Malaysia to investigate a abandoned building where it's rumored that the "Lady In White" has been seen by the nearby residents.

We are "The Supernatural Team". My name is Shawn Li, Founder and lead investigator , joined by my partner, Steve Wong, Co-founder and video expert.

Inspired by our own paranormal and supernatural encountered we formed "The Supernatural Team". We venture the unknown so we the living can benefit from it

As we travel to some of the world most mysterious, dangerous, and God forsaken places, we put our life at stake in search of the paranormal and supernatural.

This is our mission, to investigate, to research and to understand life after death. When the sun is down, that is our beacon to start the investigation.

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