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Evalyn Walsh McLean's Compact

The depiction of the flower on this piece embodies the luck of Evalyn Walsh McLean. Evalyn was a Colorado gold heiress who lived a life of privilege. She encompassed high class stature and good will; that later caused her grief and tragedy after being cursed by the Hope Diamond.

Evalyn fell in love with the blue diamond while on her honeymoon, in Turkey, in 1908. She spotted the blue diamond around the neck of a Sultan's favorite harem girl and could not get the piece out of her mind. Years passed and Evalyn read about the death of the sultan, and his favorite wife, and set out to track down the piece. The blue diamond was rumored to be cursed, and it what is believed to have brought upon misfortune to the Sultan. Evalyn didn't believe in any "curse" and acquired the piece.

The curse took its toll on Evalyn and her family. Evalyn's mother-in-law and a close friend of her mother-in-law were the first two people to handle the stone after Evalyn acquired it, and died unexpectedly within a few months of their encounters. Her marriage fell apart after her young son was struck and killed by an automobile which caused her husband to start drinking excessively. He later went insane and was hospitalized for eight years before he had a heart attack and died. The McLean's daughter also died after overdosing on sleeping pills; all these issues were noted to have been caused by the curse of the Hope Diamond.

After surviving her husband and children, Evalyn put the Hope Diamond up as collateral for a loan. After giving the piece away, Evalyn contracted an illness and died while trying to recover from a broken hip.

The established luck and wealth that had been bequeathed to Evalyn is said to remain inside the compact that she cherished prior to the cursed path that the Hope Diamond caused her. The Walsh legacy of good fortune, wealth, and prosperity lives on inside this compact. This depicts the life she once cherished and holds the lavish luck that was left behind before the Hope Diamond crossed her path.

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