Three Weeks Later - Real Paranormal Activity Part 19.6

Three Weeks Later - Real Paranormal Activity Part 19.6

Three weeks after the smudging ritual what has been happening?

It has been really quiet here since I performed the ritual which still amazes me now. After only two weeks however it appears I have captured what appears to be an orb floating around my living room. I aren't really sure what to make of that information just yet as it is still possible to be the second spirit as it is said that this one would be unaffected by the smudging ritual. Until I capture more evidence of its presence it is still unclear.

Real Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

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I have been haunted since late 2010. My channel is a paranormal video diary dedicated to the unusual supernatural events that have occurred to me since that time. Paranormal Activity has become almost an everyday occurrence for me since this began and with it my interest in ghosts, demons and poltergeist activity has grown. I have invested in ghost hunting equipment to help my investigations leading to some extremely profound paranormal footage.
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