Tonopah Nevada - Part 9 "Into The Storm"

We returned to Tonopah for our second expedition as we ended up being caught in one of the worst snowstorms of 2016 perhaps the worst in five years to hit this historic mining town. We start our adventure at a series a structures one brick the others stone with a pentagram above the door. Its snowing and so windy we cannot even see the mountains around us just a wall of white. After hiking around some abandoned buildings will drive through the newer Tonopah Cemetery which has some nice wrought iron enclosures and eventually above downtown on some rural streets. Along the way ill show you some abandoned miner cabins, boarded up stone powerhouse and off road during the storm through a hilly mining district where we found some stone ruins. As I cruise around I find a big old creepy white house one of the oldest mansions in Tonopah residing above the town and eventually will stop at the Clown Motel where ill give you a brief tour introducing you to Ronald McDonald! Are you down with the Clown? This clip is special as most of the video is film from our second expedition the first couple hours we arrived into town. When we arrived there was a terrible snowstorm then the next day as we head on out of Tonopah a second snowstorm was blasting us. We were lucky to have gotten to explore some of the miner cabins and the cemetery. Our journey was far from over though we were on our way to the ghost town of Columbus we were not even sure if we would get there. Tonopah was an extensive mining town as you can see sure many of the homesteads are abandoned giving it a semi ghost town feel. Back in the day however it boasted six saloons, lawyers, doctors, hotels, restaurants, lodging houses, assay offices and eventually even a railroad. We drove into the storm but we also left in it there was no escaping the wall of white which made our exploration all the more dismal perhaps even in a sense creepy due to the desolation and lack of visibility.

Prelude No. 18 by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
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