UFOs Filmed By ISS - Japan Makes UFO Alliance With US - UFOs Seen Flying by Moon

UFOs Filmed By ISS - Japan Makes UFO Alliance With US - UFOs Seen Flying by Moon

During a live feed from the ISS, the public could see a fleet of spacecraft flying in unison. Immediately afterward NASA interrupted the live feed and replaced it with images from the flight control center.

Documents appearing to mention flying saucers and “multidimensional beings” have been declassified by the FBI. The report, which is nearly 70 pages long, was penned by an unnamed professor

UFO Research Alliance Between Japan and United States begins thanks to TTSA during Guam Meeting on August 28th 2020

The Japanese military have been given instructions to record and report sightings of unidentified aerial objects which could pose a potential threat to the country's security.

In April, a video circulated on the Internet, which captured three huge UFOs flying very close to the surface of the Moon. In the high-resolution footage, the shadows of alien ships can be seen clearly above the lunar surface.

UFO hunters claim to have found evidence of a cloaked alien spacecraft after a "perfect white disk" was filmed over Yorkshire.

UFO on Route 21 in NJ.







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