Unbelievable Poltergeist Activity - Real Paranormal Activity Part 29.2

Unbelievable Poltergeist Activity - Real Paranormal Activity Part 29.2

The last bits of unbelievable paranormal activity captured while I was away.

Finally I got the last of the paranormal activity compiled together. In this video the ghost displays a lot of strength in moving an object on my table. This poltergeist activity caught me a little by surprise because it has been fairly quiet of late.

Real Paranormal Activity Caught on Video

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Why don't you just move?
I have...three times and it follows I'm afraid.

Have you or any of your family ever done a Quija Boards?
I am scared of them and to my knowledge nobody in my family feel any better about them.

Does it ever happen around others close to you?
Very rarely. It mostly happens when I'm alone or at night.

Stop Filming!
I have tried this on 2 separate occasions for a year at a time and the activity did not change. Simply had quiet spells.

Why is your house so clean?
My fiance is a major clean freak.

You need a hobby...
Not really a question but as it happens youtube is my hobby. I work for a warehousing and distribution company so paranormal investigating is a change of pace even if it is my own home.
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