Unbelievable Story Unfolds - Taking a few months off

Unbelievable Story Unfolds - Taking a few months off

6 months of Spirit clips reveal an Amazing story- taking off the rest of the year #SpiritualExperience #RealSpiritCommunication #KriyaYoga

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I show over the course of six months capturing responses how I’ve been continuously led down a path. With over 10 different responses on the DR60 and Portal, I can clearly hear the loving responses confirming I’m being guided. Watch how I find Kriya Yoga, a deeper form of an ancient meditation practice that deepens ones connection. Guided by Jesus and the Gurus, there is endless and undeniable proof in the recordings and Light anomalies. Amazing stuff. I’ve decided to take some time off as I explain in the video. I may post a short update vid before the year is out but this is all to regroup and come back with an even better understanding. Love to each and every one of you. When I come back I will have a big big surprise for everyone.

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