Veritas Radio - Steve Richards - Holographic Kinetics and Advanced Aboriginal Healing

Veritas Radio - Steve Richards - Holographic Kinetics and Advanced Aboriginal Healing


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S y n o p s i s

Holographic Kinetics is a combination of over 40 years of researching, by its founder Steve Richards it covering areas such as; Metaphysics, Religion, Spirituality, Hypnosis, Kinetic energy, Kinesiology, Quantum physics, Russelian physics, Radionics, Gravit-O-Biology, Body Electronics, Iridology, Sclerology, Health and the human mind and many other modalities in understanding the power of the subtle bodies--from a holistic approach--in the creation and removal of internal-created realities, within their own separate dimensions of time. As well as the understanding and removal of other dimensional forces that can enter through drugs, alcohol, trauma and certain medication, which our research has found is the main reasons for most mental illness.

Pain is trapped energy. Forget about pain management, take out the trapped energy or trauma of the spirit and the energy is once more free to leave and so is the pain. At times pain may not even belong to you, you may have been responsible for the death of another or taken pitty on another that has died and that gave that Spirit the rights under LORE to enter your body and you may be experiencing its pain through you, until that Spirit is bought up and time enfolded back to its trauma and changed and then released, only then will the pain cease.

Steve Richards mentioned that Planet Armenia is also The Alpha Draconis planet ( home of the Draconians that invaded planet earth thousands of years ago ). Armenia is where the first Draco aka Catholic Roman Church was founded and the first pope came from Armenia. Steve said they have changed the names of the planets to hide themselves from the people. This also explains the Gargoyles and Serpents on the old churches worldwide.
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