GHOST Hunters suffered one of the most intense Real DEMON Possession ever caught on tape. The Ghost Hunter Possessed could of been killed. Scary EVP We were threatened by a evil Ghost saying "I will Kill you". Very scary paranormal activity caught at the end of this episode. This is a real possession where a ghost hunter, ghost hunting got posssessed by a demon.

What is a possession that psychologists believe?

Here Is a video on Demon Possession below.

Spirit possession is not recognized as a psychiatric or medical diagnosis by the DSM-IV or the ICD-10. Possessees sometimes exhibit symptoms similar to those associated with mental illnesses such as psychosis, hysteria, mania, Tourette's syndrome, epilepsy, schizophrenia, or dissociative identity disorder, including involuntary, uncensored behavior, and an extra-human, extra-social aspect to the individual's actions. In cases of dissociative identity disorder in which the alter personality is questioned as to its identity, 29% are reported to identify themselves as demons, but doctors see this as a mental disease called demonomania or demonopathy, a monomania in which the patient believes that he or she is possessed by one or more demons.
However, cultural context is critical for proper diagnosis of spirit, or demonic, possession as psychosis or spiritual. In western industrialized nations such as the United States, spirit possession is not normative, and therefore calls for caution in acceptance of this condition as actually caused by spirits. The DSM-IV-TR, in describing the differences between spirit possession and dissociative identity disorder, identifies only the claim that the extra personality is an external spirit or entity, lacking that, there would be no difference between the two conditions. Dissociative identity disorder in the United States is itself extremely rare. All forms of DID constitute only about 1% of the entire population. Of those, 98-99% are of the type of DID commonly recognized as the traditional form of multiple personality disorder, rather than related to spirits.
Those most susceptible to being possessed are people with weak boundaries and low self-esteem, pointing to dysfunctional ego involvement in manifestations of this phenomenon rather than actual outside entity.

Beware it is a very scary Real Ghost Video and what you're going to watch is a real Ghost Hunt by Real Ghost Hunters. Nothing on this video is fake and it's not created for entertainment purposes.

During our times Ghost Investigating, we have caught a lot of Paranormal Activity and Demon Activity.
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We are two Real Ghost Hunters are named Glen and Ahmed. We have been investigating the Most Haunted and Scariest locations around the UK for 11 years now and caught some of the best Paranormal Activity on Youtube, we have caught Scary Demon Poltergeist Activity on Tape. We have even caught Real Ghosts moving on video. We have had moments, where Demons attacks have happened to us during Scary Ouija board sessions, we have also suffered Demonic Possessions. What we have caught will shock the Paranormal Believers and the Skeptics too.

For this episode we travelled to Winchester Cathedral after our Winchester Castle investigation where we gave permission for an entity to follow us to Winchester Cathedral.
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