Voice On The Phone | True Ghost Stories

Voice On The Phone | True Ghost Stories

Did the voice of a deceased loved one come through on a mysterious phone call? Here is a preview of the story. “For the next week after his death, I couldn’t seem to control my emotions. I would be hit with waves of sadness. I’d be driving in my car and hear a song and must pull over to just cry. I’d be playing with my daughter and the sadness would hit me and I would go to the bathroom to cry. About a week later I didn’t have any more tears to cry. I was feeling okay that weekend, so my boyfriend and I decided to go out to breakfast. We went to a small cafe in town and had a nice breakfast. When we got home, we sat on the couch to watch some TV and we both ended up falling sleep. I had a dream I will never forget. In my dream we were back at the cafe sitting in a booth. The waitress walked up to me and said “Nina you have a phone call. I’ll show you to the phone.” Don’t ask me why I would be getting a phone call at the cafe and not on my cell phone, but this is a dream, and some things don’t make sense. I got up with the waitress and picked up the phone. It ended up being my sister and she was asking me if they had any tables open because her and her kids were going to come for some breakfast. I looked around the cafe and the only people I saw were my boyfriend still sitting in our booth, an older couple sitting to the right of me and in the far corner sat another man dressed in all camouflage with a cup of coffee reading a newspaper.”

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