WARNING UK's Most Haunted Forest GONE WRONG ( Police Called )

WARNING UK's Most Haunted Forest GONE WRONG ( Police Called )

Sorry that it's a short Video Everyone due to what happened we will definitely be going back to this location for a Full Investigation #GOINVESTIGATE

A little history on this location Dering woods also known as the screaming woods is located in Kent is known as the most haunted forest in the UK! The forest was given the name the screaming woods because of the screams people would hear during the night and footsteps and whispers during the daytime fog. The screams are said to be from the ghosts who got lost in the woods. Locals mention The suicidal colonel and the highway man who was pinned and beheaded in the forest. People from the villages nearby report to have seen black shadows following them while travelling across the forest.

On the morning of November 1st, 1948, twenty people from the area were found dead, eleven of whom were children. The bodies were forming a massive pile of human flesh and they didn't present any wound. Many say they seen strange lights coming from the woods that night. Fifty years  to the day in 1998 4 college students went missing when in the forest and their bodies where never found!

#MostHauntedForest #GoneWrong

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