Werewolf Woods: Real Dogman Encounter

Werewolf Woods: Real Dogman Encounter

A real dogman encounter

A woman on a solo camping trip in the woods of Wisconsin for ea peaceful weekend. Sh hikes in and finds the perfect spot, sets up camp and settles down for the night. She is stalked by an unseen monster the first night she is there while she is in her tent.

By the second night she comes face to face with not one but two dogmen. She believes the first dogman was distracting her so the second dogman could sneak up on her. One theory is that the first one was teaching the second how to hunt.

She's forced to run from the monsters in the middle of the forest, in the middle of the night. She can only run one way, deeper into the forest and further away from her car. The two upright canines stand between her and her car, her only way of escape is cut off.

Dogman is a werewolf or wolfman like creature with thousands of paranormal witnesses from around the world. The lycanthrope lore dates back hundreds of years, including the beast of bray road and the Michigan dogman.

This real dogman encounter is brought to you by the Supernaturalist channel, where you can find reports and encounters of all kinds of paranormal activity, the supernatural and scary stories.

Don't miss your chance to scream.

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