WHAT DID THAT GHOST JUST SAY Paranormal Resident Monahincha Abbey Ireland

WHAT DID THAT GHOST JUST SAY Paranormal Resident Monahincha Abbey Ireland

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Monahincha Abbey Ireland

Saint Elair was said to have founded a small monastic site at Monaincha on a small island surrounded by a lake in the seventh century, but most of the visible remains on the site date to the Augustinians who established a small monastery here dedicated to Saint Mary in the twelfth to fifteenth centuries.

The name Monaincha comes from Mainistir Inse na mBeo meaning The Monastery of the Island of the Living, originally the monastery was on a small island surrounded by water, but agricultural drainage works in the 18th  and 19th centuries drained the lake and left the monastery perched conspicuously on top of a mound in a low boggy field.

The strange supernatural powers of the island were recorded by the twelfth century Norman clergyman and chronicler Gerald of Wales. Gerald came to Ireland following the Norman conquest at the end of the twelfth century and compiled accounts about Ireland and its people (not always very flattering I’m afraid, but interesting to read nonetheless). He discusses the island on which the monastery stands as being a place where no-one could die of natural causes and a nearby island as being a place where no female of any species could step foot without immediately dying. It’s a pretty strange tale 

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