Wheal Frances Mine- Daytime Investigation Part II

Wheal Frances Mine- Daytime Investigation Part II

Wheal Frances is a village in Cornwall, England, UK. It is located in the civil parish of Perranzabuloe. The village was noted for the South Wheal Frances Mine of which many ruins remain. Mining began in the local area in the early 1720s. After Lady Frances Bassett, the mineral Lord, offered a new lease on the land in 1834 it resumed production and experiences a golden period for ore production was the 1850s. By the early 20th century, several thousand men, women and children worked in the mine. A 75-inch cylinder pumping engine house with a was built at Marriott's shaft in 1847 and pumped water from Pascoe's shaft as well as Marriott's. In 1857 a 24-inch winder was installed in close proximity. Between 1896 and 1899 a major refurbishment of the shaft was undertaken, enabling mining to take places as far down as 6,000 feet. Due to a slump in tin prices during World War I it ceased operations in 1918.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wheal_Frances

It is documented that 14 people died here in mining accidents. There was probably a lot more but there is definitly 14 documented deaths that I have managed to find online at cmhrc...


In this video I explore the ruins of the old mining site and take some video clips in 1080 HD. I also do some EVP work and take some full spectrum photos because ghosts are said to be seen a lot better in this spectrum of light due to the so called ectoplasmic residue that they are said to be made up of. This is part 1 of the daytime investigation video and shows me attending the mine site at Wheal Frances for the very first time and walking around it taking photos and filming. Part 2 will be coming soon and it will have more videos and photos. I will be returning here again very soon to do a night time investigation with my night vision camera, digitial recorder, spirit box and k2 meter to try and capture any evidence.

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