White Cloud City - Part 2 "Strange Finds and Ruins Of The Past"

White Cloud City aka Coppereid was first discovered in the 1860's unfortunately due to hostilities with the local Indians mining and the town was not platted till the 1870's which in turn also had a copper smelter here. No more then forty miners lived at the mouth of the canyon while some actually lived and worked higher up in the canyon. The town nearly went but when a John T. Reid who operated the Nevada Mining Company filed many new claims around White Cloud Canyon which led to a private town that boasted saloons, restaurants, boarding houses, commissary, post office, store, multiple miner residences and a mill. Unfortunately the town died before a railroad spur could be built here which Reid had the right of way too. The town itself was built right over White Cloud City today however all that remains are a few ruins, steam boiler and some small remnants of the past. Were going to explore the town and along the way we find mutilated cattle bones and an area that the earth had been singed and turned to glass.

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