Would You Rather

Would You Rather

Would You Rather... a classic game, with a HORROR twist this time! #WLD_U_RTHR ?!

If YOU want to play WLD_U_RTHR with me and anyone else who finds this and wants to do it, here are the questions!

Would you rather:

-feel something tugging at your feet while you're chillin' at the lake or wake up in your house when its empty to hearing footsteps in the attic?
-hold Annabelle or hold Chucky?
-be trapped in an abandoned amusement park or trapped in an abandoned psychiatric hospital?
-be a high school student in the movie Carrie or a high school student in the movie Scream?
-encounter a bloodthirsty vampire or encounter a hungry zombie?
-pull back the blankets in your bed to find a doll you've never seen before or hug a clown?
-be abducted by aliens or possessed by a demon?
-run into Michael Meyers in a dark alley or Leatherface in the middle of nowhere?
-see Freddy Krueger in your dreams or Norman Bates at the motel?
-wake up on an IV in a creepy hospital or wake up chained to a radiator in an empty room?
-touch a lotus pod or let a big spider crawl on your arm for 30 seconds?
-lay in a bed of squirming snakes or lay in a bed of rustling rats?
-walk barefoot across a path of worms or barefoot across a path of frogs?
-spend a night in the cabin in the woods or spend a night in the overlook hotel?
-be locked in a room full of bees or be forced to watch yourself give blood?
-give Freddy Krueger a high five or give Pinhead a hug?
-have dinner with the Sawyer family from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, or have Pennywise at your birthday party?
-be the sole survivor of a zombie apocalypse in your area or be the first to get infected?
-stand in an enclosed glass ledge on the 100th floor of a skyscraper or wiggle through a tunnel that's only large enough to fit your body?
-eat a dead rat or a live spider?
-find a dead body in your back yard or find just the guts?
-find out you're a vampire or a werewolf?
-tightrope walk the Grand Canyon with a harness or be buried in a coffin for 24 hours with a breathing hole?
-look out the window to see a tornado touching down in your back yard or look out the window and see a tidal wave heading your way?

If you do this TAG, title it wld_u_rthr or share it on social media with #wld_u_rthr so I can find it and watch YOUR responses! If you want to write your responses in the comments section instead, I would LOVE to read them!!! Have a Strange Day!

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