135. Destroy the 2nd Wadas Well #ghosthunter #ghosthunting #indonesianghost

135. Destroy the 2nd Wadas Well #ghosthunter #ghosthunting #indonesianghost

Part: Wadas Well

This video was made without script and director.

About young men who travel to the dark forests in Java island to discover the other life which has been existed since long time ago

This video is a remake with english translate which has received permission from the video owner


1. Mas = big brother (Javanese language)
2. Mba = sisters (Javanese language)
3. Mba Ayu = beautiful girl (Javanese language)
4. Eyang = grandpa (Javanese language)
5. Mbah = an old man, or someone who is considered old and respected
6. Ki / Aki = an old man, or someone who is considered old and respected (is in Sundanese and Javanese)
7. Kang Mas = big brother (fine Javanese language) used to people who are very respected
8. Bang / Abang = big brother (Malay language) commonly used to refer to a man who comes from Sumatra or Jakarta
9. De /Adek / Adik = little brother / sister ( Indonesian)

There are thousands of languages ​​and tribes in Indonesia. The players in this video often use a mixture of Javanese and Indonesian

In Javanese itself, there are 3 levels of language:
1. Language used for respectable people or parents. this is very polite language.
2. Language used for peers or colloquialism. Polite language.
3. Bad language or market language, usually used when angry, when insulting someone or when joking

Please visit their original channel:
1. Ganang Setioko https://youtube.com/channel/UCYO3SnJU2RfBqvIiLxQKW7w

2. Mustar Alami 13 / Mas Iwan Yoan

3. Diki Jembargon / Mas Diki

4. Mbah Dangik

5. BM 2 Alam / Bang Marcel

Original video:

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