1st NIGHT VISION SESSION! are these orbs?

Thank you for watching. This is my first session using my new night vision camera.. this is recorded in 1080P 30fps and when i get my new memory card I will be able to record up to 4K which is 4xs 1080p

cant wait!!

But, I am new to picking out visual evidence being that i have mostly focused on EVP in the past.. can u guys let me know if the 2 clips at the end are or could be paranormal in nature?
The one in the bathroom was an enclosed room.. I was sitting on the toilet (JUST SITTING TO RECORD) LOL
but, there was no movement so I dont know... there are no flying bugs in the house.. never even seen a gnat
so I dont know if its dust? But why would dust have came from above my bathtub and shot toward me? And the other clip something shot toward noah?

Im interested to know what u guys think
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