2007 presentation of Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society

2007 presentation of Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society

This is a presentation that I created for Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society. We played it for guests in the facility from Oct. 2007 up to July 2009, when the facility was sold to a new owner and the Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society was disbanded.
Interestingly enough, I have watched many videos about Rolling Hills, and some have almost word for word used my presentation info. Then I realized everyone watching at RH had their own recorders!! Oh well. If you are one of those people, hey, throw some credit my way. I spent a long, long time researching the information for you.

The property has since been renamed. All photos of the facility in this presentation were taken prior to Oct. 2007. Kirk McWhorter provided editing, the narration, and music within the presentation itself. www.mcwhorterrecords.com.

Intro and Outro theme was graciously created for us by Dead Rose Symphony. www.deadrosesymphony.com

I have not been back to the building since the sale went through.

I make no claims on any of the Rolling Hills photos. I know what I saw. I was there, hundreds upon hundreds of times during the years our group (Rolling Hills Ghost Hunting Society, and later, Rolling Hills Paranormal Research Society) had the great fortune to run one of the longest continuous investigations up to the time of the transfer of property to the new owner. As it is said in the video "Is it real? You decide."

The presentation was played for guests who were there to ghost hunt, and during fundraising events for the building. All photos of the building, exterior and interior were either my own, or supplied to me by members of RHGHS, RHPRS, or visitors of the building.

It is put up here as a bit of nostagia, and for the historical content, which I researched for the better part of a year during the time of the making of the presentation. I was the keeper of the records, and I spent many more years in research and collection of evidence.

This was copyrighted in 2007 and all rights are reserved. No alteration of this video is permitted. Feel free to share this YouTube video, just give credit where it is due. Thx.

Some of the historical photos are used with artistic license in order to illustrate the narrative, but they are used in proper perspective. The history of the building is at times peaceful, incredible, horrific and intriguing.

I have tried to track down as many references to the photographs as I can. Some cannot be found, but if anyone has information please let me know and I will add the information below.
photo credit notes (and historical addendums):

"Drawing of the Sleeping Room" 1873 Source: Library of Congress: "Homes of the Poor" - 1883 T. De Thulstrup Source: Library of Congress : "Scene in Bedlam Asylum" 1732-33 William Hogarth :
"The Dickerson Family" , "Beggar Girl Who Sings and Begs Downtown", & "Luigi, 6 years old, newsboy-beggar"
Lewis Wickes Hine : "Finally Home After the Civil War" Trevor McClurg 1866 : "Batavia, NY Elba FSA Farm Labor Camp" Source: Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Division: "Wayne County Poorhouse" Source: Library of Congress: Photo by Alice Barber, American Illustrator, Painter and engraver 1858 - 1932: "People living in miserable poverty" 1926 Dorothea Lange: "John Dowers, 7 years old..." 1917 Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division:

East Wing orb: taken by me on Dec 4, 2006. At the exact time of that photo I got an EVP . Also known as the "You're entirely welcome' orb shot. Pink room mist: also taken by me on Dec. 4, 2006. Cemetery pictures taken by me (yeah, I am creepy that way) of other locations. Used to illustrate that people died at the home. No actual cemeteries or markers remain of those burial grounds.

"Frankie's Picture" of the half formed man in the hallway next to the lady in pink - (Last photo in the presentation) - special note: There was no one else in the hallway when that picture was taken. It was taken at closing time one afternoon and the vendor manager was walking back to the front of the building to be let out while they were locking up. The man form is standing in an area where once the men's dormitory stood.

Picture of "Oldest of the buildings at the Genesee County Home" courtesy of Lori Carlson, from her private collection of news articles about the property. *note: The original building was built in the late 1700's and served as a traveler's stay until it was appointed as the county alm's house in 1824. The wooden buildings were torn down years later after the facility closed as a nursing home, leaving only the brick and concrete structures that stand today, along with remnants of the wooden bakery house, and the converted 2 story home (formerly the wood mill.)
Other and photos of the residents and staff also courtesy of Lori Carlson from her private collection, donated to her by the Genesee County History Department, private authors or researchers and the public.
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