3 Allegedly True Dark Entity Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

3 Allegedly True Dark Entity Ghost Stories | Real Paranormal Stories Series

True horror stories are the perfect way to spend an evening. So, snuggle down and prepare to be terrified, as I narrate 3 subscriber submitted dark entity ghost stories. These allegedly true tales of terror will leave you hiding under the covers...

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**All of these paranormal stories are claimed to be true and were submitted to us by our subscribers. Naturally, we cannot verify the validity of these stories - one must listen to them in good faith. With their approval, with have done minor editing for narration. We would like to thank them for allowing us to share their experiences in this video.

‘The doors were nailed shut…’ was submitted by “MrOkita89”

‘Something lurks in that tunnel…’ was submitted anonymously.

‘In that darkness was an evil.’ was submitted by “The Edwardian Girl”. https://goo.gl/vKeLLA

If you would like to submit your own true story for narration, please get in touch.

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The following sound effects have been used according to Creative Commons Attribution Licenses, via FreeSound.org. “Door Squeak, Normal” and “Stream water c” by “InspectorJ”

“Creepy trees and dark sky” courtesy of Free Stock Footage Archive

Select music courtesy of Myuuji: https://www.youtube.com/user/myuuji/

“The Paranormal Scholar Composition One” courtesy of CaliberBeats (caliberbeats.com)
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