5 CREEPY Real Haunted House HORROR Stories

5 CREEPY Real Haunted House HORROR Stories

Halloween means plenty of Haunted Houses. But these are different - These 5 Haunted Houses are REAL. Each holds it own ghosts and a haunting or two.

Haunted Houses are terrifying . . . And real. Here are 5 true scary stories for your Halloween season. The conjuring and the haunting don't have nothing on these creepy real horror stories of real ghosts and poltergeists. These are a package deal of supernatural creepy stories - a ghost video of the ages. Can you make it through all 5 true ghost stories? Or will you succumb to the paranormal fear and run out of your own home? We shall see. Enjoy these real haunted houses!

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Top 5 Real Haunted Houses
- Alone in the Dark by Mr. J. Rosewolf
- Ghost Girl by LadySparrow
- Dark Waters by weirdworks
- Angry Spirits by Cid Pyre
- Grim Reaper Demon Attack by niko

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