A Haunting In Connecticut (MOVIE REVIEW)

A Haunting In Connecticut (MOVIE REVIEW)


This flick was released in 2009 and directed by Peter Cornwell.

This movie is about ghosts and how when you're terminally ill, it makes it easier for ghosts to interact and affect your life.

A boy in his late teens has a severe form of cancer. His family relocates to Connecticut to be closer to his hospital. This puts the family under some financial strain. At the house, the boy sees visions of burnt people and corpses with weird etchings all over their bodies. He also has flashbacks of the houses previous, black magic using tenants.

Anyways, the corpse ghosts get aggro, flashbacks get worse, boy gets sicker, dad gets drunk and some friendly neighborhood priest thinks he knows how to help, but actually makes things worse.

This movie was not as bad as I thought it would be. Sure, it had dumb cgi ghosts and lame scare attempts, but i found myself interested in the story. It had some unique qualities and I learned a little about ectoplasm. I thought I was going to hate this one, but it turned out to be just OK.


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