Anomalous Results from Test of Inductive Pickup/Fayette Co PA ("In This? Dear God!")

Published EVP ("In This? Dear God!") captured by independent paranormal researcher Jim Brown at a private residence [Fayette County PA] Feb 10 2014. Possible entity in stream of EVP appears to respond to investigator's query with the remark ("In This? Dear God!"). Audio was captured on a TASCAM MINISTUDIO Recorder with an inductive pickup loop used in conjunction with a custom system of audio bandpass and RF rejection filters, preamps and line amps, collectively termed the "EVamP2" system. The inductive loop employed was a air core induction coil. Visuals to include spectral graphs, formants, pitch and intensity was provided by Maryland Paranormal Research ® using PRAAT speech analysis software. Portions of audio containing EVP were reduced to 72% of original pitch. Original audio provided courtesy of Jim Brown via the Jim's Destinations web site [AUDIO ENHANCED][HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED]
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