Camp Ford, Civil War Prison Camp Tyler, TX

Camp Ford, Civil War Prison Camp Tyler, TX

On February 23, 2013 Paranormal-Junkies went on a haunted tour of the civil war prison camp, Camp Ford. From our previous civil war investigations we learned at Battle of Mansfield that thousands of Union prisoners of war were taken as far away as Tyler, Tx. Not knowing this night we would have the opportunity to investigate the actual camp.

Unfortunately we did not receive any EVP's but we were able to catch some interesting photos. In this video you will see pictures we took during the investigation and hear some of our audio of our EVP sessions. We also included audio of the guide giving us the history of the camp.

One of the stories is of an Indian female who fell in love with one of the prisoners and became pregnant. Her tribe shunned her for falling in love with a white man. Later the soldier was shipped out and she lost the baby. Upon these events she then took her own life. There are reports that she goes in and out of the cabin we investigated. It seems this night that one of our investigators may have came in contact with her and felt her sadness. As you listen to the audio of our group of investigators in the cabin you will here one of them crying as she was overcome with emotion. During this we did capture an orb on the wall and you will see a trail the curves around above it.

Betty Moore, Co-founder, Lead Investigator
Cathy Welborn, Co-founder, Lead Investigator
Angie Powell, Investigator
Coleman Moore, Investigator
Trent Welborn, Investigator

Video Producer / Editor: Cathy Welborn
Photographer: Cathy Welborn
Video / Audio: Betty Moore
Audio / EMF / EVP Sessions: Angie Powell
2013 Paranormal-Junkies

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