D.L. Bliss State Park Rubicon Trail - Part 33 "Washoe Bark House With A Little History"

The concept of the bark house or as some call the teepee was constructed very similar between the Washoe and Miwok tribes. Since this area you are currently seeing was the site of an ancient nomadic village they would live in such shelters which provided cover from the elements and would allow smoke from a fire to pass through the very top. This shelter differs from the massive one we found up near Kings Canyon NV as the natives used bark and smaller branches a Sasquatch may use logs instead. The Washoe would have there village back in the forest then hunt for deer near some of the coves and on some of the peninsulas nearby. They would also make there way down to the water to fish while the women wove baskets. The Washoe were very political but also they sat around these bark houses dancing and drumming on a beautiful Tahoe summer night.
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