Dr. Amit Goswami: How Quantum Physics Explains Everything In Life | Coast to Coast AM Alt

Dr. Amit Goswami: How Quantum Physics Explains Everything In Life | Coast to Coast AM Alt

Theoretical Physicist Amit Goswami believes that the science of Quantum Mechanics is not only the future of science, but it is also the key to understanding consciousness, life, death, God, psychology, and the overall meaning of life.

Today we sit down with Dr. Goswami to ask him questions regarding the world of quantum physics, and the theories that other theoretical physicists have been discussing over the years such as the multiverse theory, the holographic universe model, and more.

Some of the topics touched on include:

► What is a Quantum representative of

► Is Time Travel possible using Quantum Leap like technology or another form of traveling through time

► Are Mystics more in touch with the mystifying world world of science than even mainstream scientists

► What are the motivations behind some scientific theories proposing the multiverse, parallel dimensions

► Are memories being passed down through DNA to our descendants

► Are our energetic forms being recycled through what is known as reincarnation

► What causes the Mandela effect

These and more await you in the first episode of 2017!

Mysterious Matters is a Coast to Coast AM Alternative in the Podcast format. Bob Bain has been called one of the best new voices in the alternative topic and paranormal podcast genre. by Micah Hanks on the Coast to Coast AM Radio Show.

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