Dragon Caught on Tape During Storm

Dragon Caught on Tape During Storm

An anonymous cameraman in Los Angeles, California took this footage of what appears to be a giant dragon in the clouds during a storm. Many people have claimed the footage really does depict a dragon caught on camera, but other aren't so convinced. Is this a real life dragon caught on tape? What do you think?

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Today, we take a look at footage that claims to show a real life dragon that was caught on tape during a storm. Let’s take a look at the video. The footage itself starts off with a view of the city, and flashes of lightning are happening in the background. As the clouds are flashing, a mysterious creature that bears amazing resemblance to that of a dragon appears inside the cloud. Did you happen to see it? You most likely did not, so let’s take a look at the video in slow motion. As you can see, a dragon-like figure is plainly visible inside the clouds. Many theories have arisen attempting to explain the bizarre occurrence with some people hailing it as proof of dragons and others think it is proof of nothing but video editing. This, in the end, is totally up for you to decide. Do you think this shows a real dragon caught on tape during a storm, or is it only computer generated imagery? Please be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments and subscribe to ApexTV for more paranormal videos like this.
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