EVP SESSION - Amazing Replies 100% real

EVP SESSION - Amazing Replies 100% real

This was from a 7 min session i did, Prior to doing this session I did a HUFF SCD-1 session that was interesting, i might upload it next if u guys want? But in that session they said "BOGIE HAS A PORTAL"

Some people believe that Spirits can come through portals, and if u do spirit communication, or mess with the paranormal too much, u can open a portal.. i really dont know about the portal thing.. anything is possible.. I tend to believe they are all around us anyway, if you put the intent to talk to them when u speak, they can hear u, no matter where you are.. This is from my home

I record these voices every single time i record at home.. it really ramped up when I got the SCD-1 before using that I would get these voices maybe once in a 20 min recording.. and this was a 7 min recording.. I had more voices in this session but I they were either behind me talking, when I was moving and making noise, or i just couldnt make out at all what they were saying

What do you guys think? Do portals exists?

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