Fallen Angels, JESUS & the Devil - Cemetery, New Box & Lunar Eclipse

Fallen Angels, JESUS & the Devil - Cemetery, New Box & Lunar Eclipse

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Another video with quite a bit in it. I visit the cemetery where the Devil and Jesus are mentioned.. I test my new box back from Steve.. and capture light anomalies even in the Lunar Eclipse
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Visiting the cemetery while my Portal Connect was being updated by Steve Huff, I capture responses that lead me to believe fallen angels were looking for help. Or at least the Devil showed up for a minute to make himself known. Clear responses, but still not entirely enough info to be sure. I then get my Portal back and test it as one of the first few responses that comes through pertain to Jesus being with me. I also record multiple clear responses on the DR60 recorder of what sounds like Michael with important messages. To top it off, I observe the Lunar Eclipse and take photos capturing a light anomaly that I can not explain. So a lot to take in, but I had much to share in this video

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