Finding Bigfoot & Bigfoot Hunters Have Nothing On Me - PERIOD (Part One)

Finding Bigfoot & Bigfoot Hunters Have Nothing On Me -PERIOD (Part One). I will be putting clips like this together for the next few weeks until I am gone squatchin', as many trolls lack knowledge of just what I have proven to this genre of truth seeking. Often, people comment once like they know me and they know nothing. I get allot of one timers, and even some jealous well knowns on my channel talking smack, when we know they have nothing on me, absolutely nothing. I am the real deal. One of my favorite squatch encounters is posted near the very end of this video. She was about 3-4 feet tall and up in the tree . When she saw me she tossed something out of the tree. You can not deny her movement, or that face. Finding Bigfoot, really screwed up when they refused to contact me when they were in town. They left empty handed. I always get something. Always. I do my homework. No one in this area gets Bigfoot proof like I do. PERIOD. I know secrets. I am one with the Bigfoot. If you want to learn the truth about Bigfoot, hang with me. I will never hoax and I am fearless. Bigfoot Lives.
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