Ghost Child Speaks in my House - Huff Paranormal

Ghost Child Speaks in my House - Huff Paranormal

OK guys, this one is short but sweet at under 3 minutes but worth posting.

'My dog has been staring and following something for the past three nights in my living room. Intently staring and following and even running up to whatever it is and just sitting to stare at "nothing". I decided to record with my GoPro EVP rig just 1 minute after she did this for a few minutes.

I recorded for 3-4 minutes and when I played it back heard a few EVPs of what to me sounds like a child talking about his or hers "Mommy".

The TV was on but Debby MUTED IT before I started to record and she was dead silent while I reocrded. if I ever hear ANYTHING I document it by stating what I heard. I heard NOTHING while recording.

But I have had things in my home for 1 1/2 years, every night..constantly. They follow me from wherever I go. Spirits do follow you if they know you can communicate with them, and when you do this for a while, the word seems to get out in their world.

What you hear on this video is 100% Authentic E.V.P. - Amazing.

If this is the 1st video you have seen from me then feel free to watch the rest. I have well over 100 on this channel with evidence that you may find hard to believe but it is 100% legit and real.

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