Heaven Underneath Our Feet

A Triple Blind GB Session Triangular Field Gettysburg:

I have spent my life learning the ways of God's love for humanity. Patrick Burke, a mentor, in the field of the supernatural, takes the team deep into the battle at the devils den where spirits from the civil war are lead by their general into heaven by the word of God. I once thought that spirits in loops/ residual playback had no hope until now! Mr. Burke, you blow my mind!

Apparently someone thought it would be funny to hack our account so this video got removed along with all its comments and views. It's sad really, but expected I guess. Some may feel that what we are doing puts "the Church" and/or "Science" at risk. People fear if salvation is available for the dead then why live right while we are alive. Others fear if there is a God then I'm held accountable in the end. We say you can't fool yourself! You create the world around you based on what you believe. This is true in life and in death and you cannot run from what you really believe deep down inside. So yeah we may have been hacked, we may have our account ripped from us at some point but that does not stop what is the truth. GOD LOVES US ALL. Our "sins" were forgiven when Christ died. It is not a situation where we believe and ask for forgiveness so God THEN forgives...NO, on the contrary, God forgave us all first a long time ago! If we, believe this, then we set OURSELVES free from OURSELVES. That is what this whole thing has been about. It is NOT about flesh and blood; it's about our minds and ultimately our spirits within us. AND THAT IS WHAT SNM STANDS FOR. St,

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