Investigating the Red Onion Saloon - Mohan Kattimani

Investigating the Red Onion Saloon - Mohan Kattimani

Our investigator, Mohan who also works in a cruise ship had recently visited Skagway a small town which falls in the state of Alaska , Canada. On his expidition there, he visited the famous Red Onion Saloon which was a brothel back in the year 1897. There were a lot of traumatic incidents that took place back then and later it was converted into a museum. Mohan visited the place and took permission from the local authorities to conduct a small investigation there and check if the place is actually haunted as per the claims ( There are claims of a female entity being there named Lydia, who apparently used to work there and they still have her belongings preserved there). He did a small EMF session and got spontaneous response on his EMF Detector - when the hostess asked the famous entity (Lydia) to show her presence. Although this entire incident doesn't seem to establish anything strong as such yet we wanted to share this with you'll so that you know how dedicated our members are even when they're on their professional trips. We are proud of investigators / researchers like Mohan who actually take out time from their busy schedule for research purposes.

Video edits :- Meghna Porwal.

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