Ludwig Nevada - Part 8 "Temples Of Their Time Now In Ruins"

Everything in Ludwig is in shambles more or less it looks like an ancient city that was in a war zone. Between wind storms, fires, vandals and new mining operations everything today is in ruins. With each passing day these shells of their former glory is all that remains but their are plans for everything to be gone so we welcome you to enjoy what remains of this once considered modern metropolis of its time. Most of the town was built up on the side of Singatske Peak. The town had multiple mines, dance hall, church, school, brothels, saloons, offices, stores, foundry, plants, reservoir, railroad depot, hotels, garbage dump, electricity, sewage, smelter, tram, community center and so much more. Imagine what it looked like during its heyday or peak in 1914? Now all that remains is ruins if that so we encourage you to enjoy this long forgotten town which is no more and try to envision it as one time being a major metropolis which met its own demise eventually and this is the after effect of eons of time, elements and humans which has led this location down the final crossroads. If these pillars, walls and ruins could tell stories what would they say? Most of the homes were made out of concrete or wood in Ludwig. Some of the concrete flooring had beautiful patterns on it and elaborate designs. This city boasted its use of having full operable electricity it was truly modernized for its time unlike other towns in Nevada.
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