Maggie's Peak - Part 10 "Hells Ascension"

On the western edge of Cascade Canyon is a series of cliffs the foliage is so thick and sharp that it really can slice your skin up. Most of the steep canyon wall is filled with red brush, fallen ancient trees and rocky cliffs. We would have to ascend out of the canyon to a ridge which follows the main peak. The problem was is climbing over the fallen trees, brush and making sure we did not fall from the cliffs embedded along the canyons wall. I called this Hells Ascension because once you get to the top you feel the burn these clips are from that journey which started at the bottom of the canyon and took us up into the Desolation Wilderness above. No pain no gain as you can see from my cuts at the end of the clip this red brush can send you into shock! The one glimmer of hope I had seen near the end of our climb was the Tahoe Queen entering the baby what a beaut!
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