Mansfield Training School & Hospital, Mansfield, CT Part I****in Fabulous HD****

Idyllic Mansfield, CT is the setting of our latest investigation where the abandoned buildings of an asylum for the 'feeble minded' now rests. Danvers, Ladd Center, Norwich State Hospitals.....and the Mansfield Training School. Established during a time in which evolution was twisted and distorted into a politicized movement known as eugenics, the MTS was designed to segregate abnormal people from the population. In Part I, we explore the grounds and the remains of the Knight Hospital where unspeakable acts of inhumanity occurred. In Part II, devilshopyard will present evidence that MTS falsely imprisoned patients, some for over 40 years. In addition, many were subjected to abuse, neglect, and forced sterilization. We conclude our visit in Part III with a final look at the grounds, including the cottages and farms designed to create a self supporting colony. MTS was closed for good in 1993 after more than a decade of lawsuits which claimed the facility abused and neglected thousands of its patients over the course of nearly 80 years.
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