Marilyn Monroe Ghost Speaks Montgomery Clift captured Roosevelt Hotel P4 My Haunted Diary

Marilyn Monroe Ghost Speaks Montgomery Clift captured Roosevelt Hotel P4 My Haunted Diary

My Haunted Diary Episode Part 4 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Marilyn Monroe speaks during a ghost box session. Stay in the most haunted Room 928, where actor Montgomery Clift supposedly haunts. You will hear the sound of bugle in the room during one of the nights. And more! Check it out.

This is episode 4 from my time staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. So if you have not watched the 3 previous ones you may want to stop this and watch those first. Yes more episodes at this Hotel and there will be at least one more. This one takes place in December of 2016.

I do a lot of ghost box sessions during this stay and use my Jeff Fent Geobox that George Brown made me. During the last session the voice of Marilyn Monroe will come through and she says a few things. My father says my name in that session as well. Speaking of which my name will be said so many times between ghost box, spirit box (or White Noise) sessions, as well as EVPs captured organically. Invisible Beings seem to love calling out to me.

During this visit and this episode I finally get to stay in the Montgomery Clift room which is considered the most haunted room in the hotel. I capture the sound of a trumpet or bugle via a static camera in the room while I sleep. This is one of the supernatural claims tied to this room. Actor Montgomery Clift use to practice playing a bugle while in this room and the hallway outside this room during the filming of From Here To Eternity. The sound of the instrument has been heard by guests and staff and you will hear it in this episode.

During this visit I was working long hours and did not have time or access to film around the hotel. I remember there being a Holiday Party for Google and a party release for a new Stars Wars film.
Another interesting tidbit is the fact I had just done the overnight solo lockdown at the abandoned South Pittsburgh Hospital in Tennessee the month before while in town for work.
If you have not seen that 3 part documentary make sure to check that out on my channel here. After Tennessee, Los Angeles was my next stop, and HRH is where I stayed once again.

I also do an evp / emf session in Room 928 and have a static camera film while I sleep two different nights.
I am sure the highlight for most will be hearing Marilyn Monroe speaking. She even calls out to me and says my name. Pretty freakin’ awesome indeed.

There is more on the way from my time at this hotel and My channel keeps growing with explorations into the supernatural in some of the most haunted places in the US so make sure you subscribe.

Episode: Part 4 of a series at HRH
Location: Hollywood, California
Date: December 2016

A My Haunted Diary Production
A Film by James Edward Garcia
Production music by (
Some sound effects from Apple Final Cut.
Opening & Closing Theme Music as well as some other portions
of this film composed, performed, & recorded by James Edward Garcia.

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