me praising God and worshipping God through song me singing a Johnny Cash song why me Lord acapella

hello YouTube in this video I'm going to be praising and worshipping God through song I'm doing Johnny Cash why me Lord acapella Style sorry for your ears LOL and there is a couple times I stumble on my words I just got a lot on my mind right now and my voice is off I think I'm getting a cold if you can do anything to help financially please do so my PayPal is in my About Me section if you can't I understand but please pray for me and my wife and my marriage restoration soon and my kids and my finances if I don't respond to you one of the reasons is my phone may be off it goes off today if i dont get it paid and I'm almost two months behind on my storage on top of trying to survive anyway rate comement subscribe much love God bless and I'll see you on the next one why me Lord Johnny Cash live why me Lord Johnny Cash album version
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