NEW Haunted Trunk items, Jakes Story of Spirits here telling him to get out, and more

NEW Haunted Trunk items, Jakes Story of Spirits here telling him to get out, and more

LIVE AT 10 p.m central time, 8 p.m Pacific, 11 p.m Eastern time, 4 a.m. U.K.

NEW Haunted Trunk Items have arrived. If you have not watched my video from the other night you will understand why we felt it was safe to continue the studies on the items I have acquired this week.. The video explains why..

ALSO will be going over the experiences of 2 guest, actually 3 technically that have encountered the spirits with in the home. All 3 were told similar things whispered audibly in their ears. Shadow figured have been darting all around the home. Paranormal activity is at an all time high.

4-5 Light bulbs blown out in one night, electrical failing, things going on and off. Knocks, cabinets opening, doors unlocking and opening. You name it, it has been happening over the last 2 weeks.

Please understand that I seek haunted objects and items of the strongest nature. This is my field of study and passionate interest and I wish to be able to share them with you guys.

EXPECT high levels of paranormal activity. as we utilize all of the tools of our trade during experiments with communication. IF you are spiritually affected by strong energies please approach this show with caution. If you do feel overwhelmed, step away for a few minutes, drink some water and then if you come back and still feel poorly, call it a night and come back at the next show.

NOTHING is ever faked, everything is caught live on tape. We can never tell what is going to happen but if you are a regular you already know.

Will be utilizing all tools. Ovilus 5, SLS Camera, Ghost Boxes, Paranormal Puck 2, EVP recorder DR60, Seek Thermal Camera. Everything is Filmed in Full Spectrum so you can see the things while we are in pitch dark..

Shadow figure showed itself to my company , EVP, Spirit box

I also had what I believe was a REAL ANGEL ENCOUNTER TUESDAY . will blow your mind..

Expect intensity.... Expect the unexpected
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