NTParanormal: After Dark Podcast (Ep 2)

NTParanormal: After Dark Podcast (Ep 2)

Warning: Adult language.

NTParanormal: After Dark (Episode 2) Webcast
Our second episode of our online radio show, we mix it up a little bit with the format and finally get the video feed up. After a shaky pilot we figured a little more out about how we want to run the show format and in the process of ironing out a few hiccups from the first attempt at editing I found even more things that can go wrong.

For one, you should always remember that if you are going to use your investigation handhelds for video, you should probably make sure they aren't operating in IR mode. For example, I'm actually wearing black shirt in this video. The color was so off I opted to just make the video black and white so as not to be as distracting. We'll get it right next time.

This episode we discuss a few interesting topics. The main one being that we were contacted by another investigator who has called our credibility and methods into question. After quite a bit of debate I decided that it really was just better to air our thoughts online. While normally I would never condone picking on someone or a group, this guy really has it coming simply for being an ass. While I believe that his group misrepresents their evidence, it's not really even the issue as much as it is his complete lack of professionalism. The evidence their group has presented is so weak that we feel just about any viewer would probably dismiss it on their own.

We also talk briefly about the benefits of becoming a "certified" paranormal investigator. I have recently done some research into becoming certified after seeing and hearing allot of fellow investigators claim the status. I was curious what was involved and who was handing out the certifications.

Also we give a special shout out to one of our favorite partner groups.

Be on the lookout for our next episode which will be longer due to being live streamed as we record it. We will also be accepting a call in special guest.

About NTParanormal
North-Texas Paranormal Investigation Group is a team of paranormal researchers based out of Fort Worth, Texas. It is our goal to study paranormal activity through the use of the scientific method, experiments, and documentation to prove or disprove the existence of unexplained supernatural phenomenon in any locations that we are called to investigate. North Texas Paranormal investigates both residential and public locations on a regular basis and is available on weekends for field research upon request. We are always happy to help people who are looking for answers about suspected activity in their homes or businesses with the intent to prove or disprove (debunk) the suspected activity in question. Though we are located in the North Texas region, we have group members all over the country and conduct investigations anywhere the opportunity presents itself.
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