P-SB7 Spirit Box - Paranormal Ghost Box Experiment - August 21st, 2016

P-SB7 Spirit Box - Paranormal Ghost Box Experiment - August 21st, 2016

Devices in session: Infrared Camera, P-Sb7 Spirit Box, Olympus Digital Voice Recorder, Mini Rem Pod (DC Box), Portable Speaker, Flashlight, Two Microphones, Antique Talking Board. Time stamps below. Please comment with any other oddities you might find.

Recorded August 21st, 2016 - Location: my bedroom
-Interesting Captures-

Possible Orbs:
(many light anomalies, most likely dust but here are a few intriguing ones) - I have not noticed bugs but definitely have dust. It's the strange ones that really stick out to me.

1:48 - Right side, moves from flashlight towards camera.

2:11 - From out of the Psb7/device. Moves from the bottom upward.

2:43 - Left side, in front of chair. Moves from upward towards the bottom.I even glance over there.

2:49 - Bottom left corner, quick anomaly when I say "it's really quiet"

2:59 - Moves from device area towards left (two of them) fast, right after I ask "are you here?"

6:28 - Moves from my area downward off screen, then appears to fly into the speaker a few seconds later, flying from the bottom towards speaker.

15:48 Moves from my head to the right side after I ask if they can say my name.

16:54 - Moves from the bottom of center screen, up and to the right.

17:29 - Moves from bottom center screen, straight up out of frame.

17:59 - A really faint one moves from near speaker to the right.

20:07 - Another really faint one moving from the speaker area towards the left side.

21:17 - Bottom screen, moves from right side across to left side, pretty quick.

23:04 - Bottom right hand corner, quick from right to bottom corner.

23:59 - From my chest area, down and towards the camera.

24:20 - Right side of my head, small, quick and pretty bright. Moves towards right side.

It's very probable these are all dust particles but after looking into this phenomenon for sometime now, I find the movement, size, shape and correlation to events within a session just some of the curious things that make some of these very odd and peculiar to me. And possibly something other than dust.
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