Paranormal Investigation of The Randolph County Infirmary

Paranormal Investigation of The Randolph County Infirmary

When team founder Eric McGill was announced Resident Undead’s nation Fear Face competition winner, EctoVision Paranormal was given an invitation to investigate the haunted Randolph County Infirmary located in Winchester Indiana. This asylum has long served the Randolph County as a memorial for the under privileged, sick, and the mentally and physically disabled. Opened in 1899, its difficult to imagine the endless amount of sadness throughout this asylum’s heart-rending history.
Strangely, documents regarding the living conditions seem to vary wildly depending upon the report that is cited. Some of the county reports summarized living conditions in a positive manor, with minor suggestions improvement. Early on, patients would volunteer by helping to farm the land and care for livestock. The cows and chickens would beneficially produce eggs and dairy for the patients, a source of required protein and nourishment.
However some years were not as pleasantly reported by county inspections. Mattresses were reported to have been worn out. Pungent odors emanated from the water and was said to be a health hazard to the occupants and possibly the entire town. The yard was deemed unsanitary as trash was found to be piled out in the yard. In 1904 the roof already had began to leak and rats had made their way into the basement of the building. One grand Jury report stated that two patients that were “incurable, suffering from a loathsome disease” had smelled so foul that they were considered to be a health concern to the other patients. For this reason, the report suggested that the two men should be kept in separate buildings away from the other patients. By this action, the other patients could live more comfortably, and the terminally ill patients could receive….“proper care”. The grand juror’s statement seems to imply that “proper care” means to allow for both patients to pass away alone in isolation, which was a particularly difficult thought for our team to conceive of.
Prior to the existence of the current RCI building, a brick structure known as the poor house was on the same property. Unfortunately, the well being of the residents was documented as being much worse than that of the latter Randolph County Infirmary. In 1894 an article reads that the mortality rate had been rapidly increasing when as many as four patients had died in one week. The bodies were buried in the "cemetery" that was located on the property. The only problem is, there doesn’t appear to be any marked graves nearby or on the premises or… A grand juror report explains that the graves were located at the north west corner of the orchard, but the graves were in need of repair that they were “unmarked”. The report suggested that some attention should be given to this matter in the near future, but that “attention” appeared to never take place. Even up to the day when The Randolph County Infirmary officially closed it’s doors in 2005, the specified graves were never marked or cared for.
As always, EctoVision Paranormal’s goal was not to specify or isolate any one particular presence, but to ask as many spirits to come forward as possible. Hopefully as a result of their presence and investigation, any and all presences that choose to come forward would have their voices heard. Please join EVP team members Eric McGill, Shawn Gimore, Amber Wellman, and Tom Javorsky with guest investigators Marcus Haug and Nora Custer as the investigate the paranormal activity that is said to reside at the Randolph County Infirmary.
This investigation and documentary features interviews from Resident Undead team members Chris Musgrove, and Dann Allen. Also appearing is well known investigator Marcus Haug of Paranormal films, and paranormal investigator Ady Gaddis.
Produced, Edited, Narrated and Directed by Eric McGill
Debunk by Shawn Gilmore
Evidence review by Tom Javorsky
EctoVision Paranormal is: Eric McGill, Shawn Gilmore, Amber Wellman, Tom Javorsky, Rollin DeVere.
Investigators are: Eric McGill, Shawn Gilmore, Amber Wellman, Tom Javorsky,, Marcus Haug and Nora Custer.
Lead Camera and drone work by Rollin Devere
Investigation Camera work and B-Roll footage filmed by Scott Larisch.
Interviews conducted by Eric McGill
Personal Experiences provided by Resident Undead’s Chris Musgrove, Resident Undead’s Dann Allen, Marcus Haug of Paranormal films, and paranormal investigator Ady Gaddis.

Shadow picture credit to Ady Gaddis

Voice appearances by Resident Undead founder Adam Kimmel, and Jeff Fent.

Special appearances Ashley "Lucky" Lekki, and Adam Kimmel courtesy of Resident Undead.

The Randolph County Historical Society and Winchester Community Library for historical images and documentation.


Randolph County (Postcard History) Paperback – July 13, 2009
By: Gregory P. Hinshaw

The Randolph County Home in Indian: A forgotten Response to Poverty and Disability April 5, 2013
By : Diss. Ed. Vera A. Adams
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