Perryville Battlefield: Paranormal Activity in the "Confederate Cemetery". 06.27.14

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This video documents an interesting session we had in the "Confederate Cemetery". After the Battle of Perryville was over, hundreds of Confederate soldiers were left to rot on the battlefield. Several days passed and the bodies succumbed to wild pigs and vultures. Finally, H.P. Bottom, a farmer who owned much of the land on which the battle was fought, organized a mass burial of the troops on his property. With the help of volunteers and his slaves, Mr. Bottom dug two large pits and dumped the bodies in for burial. He located and documented the names he could find, but most of these soldiers remain unknown to this day.

We documented some really interesting activity here and captured a visual anomaly that we can't explain. It seems to be an apparition that appears suddenly, dives towards the ground and vanishes. This anomaly was captured immediately after "Give me help" came across on the P-SB7 Spirit Box. We received several other interesting responses from our Spirit Box. We had interesting communication with our Mel Meter and through our iOvilus. We use the iOvilus on an experimental basis but we have some results from this session that are difficult to ignore.
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