Photos of The Dead

Photos of The Dead

Can a spirit show up on a photo after it was taken? That’s the question we ask today on Real Ghost Stories Online.

Here is a preview of the story.
“I had taken many photographs from the trip, which would likely have remained in albums had it not been for the fact it was my last year in my first school and a significant moment in my young life. So, some of the photographs of my friends on this trip were displayed on a cork pinboard in my bedroom. This being the early 1990s, the photographs were taken and developed in the old-fashioned format. The camera roll needed to be finished before being taken to a shop to be developed and then printed over a weeklong period. In this day and age, I would imagine any abnormalities or anomalies in the images would have been picked up on instantly, but owing to the times and possibly my age one particular image of my friends was pinned on the board for a YEAR without me ever noticing an extremely strange addition.”

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