Psi Capture Paranormal Activity on Private Investigation. Ghost,Spirit or Poltergeist?

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Paranormal Shadow Investigations
The footage shows 1 of 3 trigger object balls moving when team member asked to do so, the ball was stationary for 15 seconds from when placed before it moved. The team medium was picking up on child spirit by the name of Tommy in the room & this was the reason our team member placed the balls.
As you can see from the light curtains in the footage it was early evening just starting to investigate & they also show no sign draft/wind in the room at time the ball moved.
With the pictures of the floor I was aiming to show the carpet has no lumps or bumps & that is also level although only 1 of the 3 balls moved.
Ball review video to show the actual ball seen moving in the footage with intention of proving the ball is just a ball.
As a sceptic I always look for natural causes or reasons when I see footage like this & was present on this investigation watching on screen from another room & throughout the night the balls remained in the same spot with no further movement.
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