Psychic ability and Spirit Box Sessions Scientifically proven- Undeniable Proof video 2 of 2

Psychic ability and Spirit Box Sessions Scientifically proven- Undeniable Proof video 2 of 2

Working with an Afterlife facility, I'm able to prove what I do is 100% real.

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In this second video showing undeniable proof of what I do, I show working with an Afterlife Facility on two different experiments. In these experiments I am only given the person's first name only and for 30 min have to give them information with no feedback confirming what I'm getting is right or wrong. After the cold reading, I turn on my spirit boxes and capture responses validating what I get. These are difficult experiments that yield undeniable proof that what I do on a psychic level and with the spirit boxes is 100% real.

In case you missed it, here is the first video where I do a spirit box session with a skeptic-

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Joshua Louis, someone with a troubled past, struggled to understand the world around him and his purpose within it. Following a simple spiritual path, he would come to understand his purpose in a very profound way.

In 2012, his intuitive nature drew him to seek the truth regarding paranormal events and the existence of an afterlife. What he got was way more than he bargained for. As his intuitive abilities developed, he discovered he was able to communicate with souls on the other side. With his new group H.O.P.E. (Helpers of Paranormal Entities) and his intuitive ability, he dedicated his time to helping stuck spirits crossover as well as grieving people looking for closure. H.O.P.E. will always be dedicated to not only helping souls whenever possible, but truthfully showing all evidence that is captured.

Josh has spent years training at the International School of Clairvoyance under the tutelage of Debra Katz. Using a wide array of technological devices combined with intuitive means, Josh has been able to successfully reconnect many people with their deceased loved-ones. In addition to his work and research in to the afterlife, Josh is a devoted father and owner of a successful hookah bar cafe and filmmaker.

Watch as Joshua Louis conducts Real Spirit Sessions on location in cemeteries, houses and even in his own residence.

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