Real Fear (Official Trailer)

Real Fear (Official Trailer)

Chiller TV's number one hit show -- now more terrifying than ever!

Paranormal investigators Katrina Weidman (Paranormal State), Richard Dolan (Syfy Investigates), John McGarry, Chris Holt and Becky Weingrad travel across the country in search of America’s darkest mysteries -- a road trip into the unknown. The cases explored take the Real Fear team to extraordinary destinations to investigate an array of terrifying phenomena -- exposing a secret world of legends, ghosts, cryptids and UFOs hidden across America’s landscape.

Guest stars including Chip Coffey (Paranormal State and Psychic Kids), John Zaffis (Haunted Collector), Travis Walton (Fire in the Sky), and Carmen Reed (The Haunting in Connecticut) join the Real Fear team to help unearth shocking new evidence related to the real-life cases that inspired the most iconic horror films of all time.

Real Fear is produced and owned by AEP Media, LLC. Real Fear aired on Syfy and NBC Universal's Chiller TV channel breaking all ratings records since the network's inception. The show also brought in more new viewers to prime time than any other telecast in the network‘s history. For more information, check out AEP Media's Facebook page at:

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