Real Ghosts and Apparitions Caught on Tape

More Footage of Real Ghosts and Apparitions Caught on Video Tape

First, screaming is heard coming from a hotel room. A security camera shows a man going to investigate and opens the door, a ghostly apparition is caught on tape exiting the room.

Next, a young man is met and knocked down by a dark black apparition, then dragged down the hallway by his foot before he breaks free from the ghost's grip and escapes.

Another dark ghostly figure is caught on surveillance tape. When security runs out to see what it was he just saw on video he realizes that nothing is there.

In a train station in Asia a woman is seen being shoved off the platform and onto the train tracks. Once the film is slowed down and repeatedly watched it is obvious that an unseen entity or spirit is pushing her.

In yet another hotel lobby, a hazy ghost like object is caught inspecting the sofa in the lobby on video surveillance footage.

Next, a man crossing the street in India is spotted to have a ghostly friend walking next to him.

Again in Asia, during a "ghost hunters" television show you will notice a faint apparition standing behind one of the ghost hunters as the camera is filming, before the ghost walks away and out of the shot.

In a spooky turn of events, a group of teenagers in Asia are singing and dancing. As the story goes, one of the friends hadn't arrived yet. Unknowingly to the group, that friend had just been killed in a motorcycle accident. However he is seen sitting with the group of friends in this video.

In the UK, a couple of young girlfriends are filming each other when what appears to be a ghost of another young girl is seen spying on them. Frightened, they run out of the house only to see the ghostly little girl watching them from the window.

And finally, in yet another hotel, a woman is heard screaming from one of the rooms. Security goes to investigate only to hear the blood-curdling screams himself. He enters the room as an apparition exits. Security sees that the room is pitch dark, completely destroyed, furniture upside down and the shower running, but no living soul can be found.

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