Real Ghosts Demons Ouija Dybbuk Paranormal 2013

A Real Ghost Story Tim Wood tells his terrifying real ghost story. We will also be joined by a Psychic who will do a LIVE reading on Tim during the show. Some of the footage that will be played is possibly demonic in nature so viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Bio - Tim Wood

Tim started the world's first LIVE online paranormal show back in 2006 and as the lead investigator on the show he enjoys pushing himself and his team to every known boundary so that we can better understand and document the activity for our viewers. His original interest in the paranormal began at an early age with numerous ghostly experiences that left him searching for answers ever since. Since studying European and Asian History at UC Davis in 2000, he has been with numerous paranormal groups in California. Some consider him an innovator in paranormal research, but he just views himself as just one of many trying to answer the age long question, does life really exist after death?

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