Reincarnation Proof | Paranormal Documentary | FULL LENGTH | 100% Real P1

Reincarnation Proof | Paranormal Documentary | FULL LENGTH | 100% Real P1

This reincarnation story is told through a Paranormal investigation as it happens, all evidence from the case is presented as it happened, including all paranormal activity caught on camera. This is the case of Amy and Alice. Where one is the past life of the other. Giving evidence of the afterlife as validated proof in our opinion of not only reincarnation but twin flames as well.

This full Paranormal Documentary follows the full length of the case from start to finish, when we were contacted by the client who had a spirit of a child caught on Camera, this spirit was also picked up during a psychic artist at our voices from the spirit world event in January 2016.

Upon visiting the house, we conducted a k2 spirit communication session to identify the spirit that was haunting the house and realised it was connected to her really psychic child who had recounted the same evidence several weeks previous. The evidence was enough to identify the spirit through

On the second visit we communicate with the spirit using a dice paranormal experiment then finally regressed and rejoined her to her present incarnation.

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